Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48

P U Leather handbag
Length: 7 "Width: 3" Height: 6 "inches
Strap length: 45 inches, adjustable
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Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48 - healthyideas.xyz


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Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48

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Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48


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Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48 - healthyideas.xyz

As seen on Doomsday Preppers S4 E2 ?Be The Prep?/b>

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Ocean Fashion red Cute small lady B078B76YMG red small purse - 6862b48

Rabbit Harvested and Butchered with The Rabbit Wringer & Butcher Station

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I had a litter ready for slaughter this morning and finally got to try out the Wringer: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The way my husband taught me to cull rabbits was to hit them over the back of the head with a hammer and then chop off their heads with a hatchet. I'd like to think I'm a strong woman but with all the missed hits and general pain and suffering I knew I was inflicting on my rabbits, I used to cry like a little baby when it came time to slaughter. But now I can do it all by myself and know that they truly feel no pain. One second they're alive, next second they're dead. And the processing station makes it so much easier to clean and dress the rabbits. It's much more maneuverable than hooks in the hocks.

Thank you so much for inventing two wonderful products; you really are a god-send for me and my rabbits.

Crystal MacMillan

Turner Valley, Alberta


I  was delighted to find a way to humanely dispatch my rabbits. I like it because it gives me the leverage to dispatch the rabbit quickly, without worrying whether I am hitting it in the right place while the rabbit is squirming. I was having problems with having to hit the rabbit more  than once and bruising the shoulders when I missed the back of the neck. I don抰 have any problems butchering rabbits or chickens once they are dead, but killing the rabbits has always been a challenge for me. By the time I had the rabbit bled, I was stressed from what I considered a rather crude way to dispatch the rabbit. This device makes dispatching a rabbit much less stressful for me and the rabbit. The video on your web site was extremely helpful to me in deciding to buy the wringer.



So, I used The Rabbit Wringer on my first batch of rabbits today. The device worked perfectly for me. I was thankful that this device is so well made. I mounted it quite the same as I saw in the videos on the web site. I believe that the angle and level or height of the mount is very important. I am a beginner so I was looking for the best, easiest, most humane method. This one works for me. It worked perfectly 9 out of 9 times.

While the dispatching process is not easy for most of us, this made the entire process very tolerable. My wife, and one of my neighbors and her 16 year old son wanted to watch me do one, and they were really  impressed. Of course they saw number 9, which was a bit smoother than the first one, even though, even #1 went very well.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

Dr. Mike



I just got the October/November issue of Mother Earth News and my rabbit Nissa is in there!! This is so cool :0)

I just wanted to say thanks again. I had a litter of 5 ten week old French Lops to dispatch yesterday and everything went so quickly and  smoothly using both the wringer and station. I had them processed, in the freezer and the heads skinned and in the pot boiling (headcheese for the dogs) in just over an hour. Doing it by myself, I think that's  pretty quick...well, for me anyways :0)

Anyhoo, thanks again. And let me know if you ever need anything else!



You Can抰 improve upon perfection :) The new and improved Rabbit Zinger Stun Gun is outstanding. Since getting it, I don抰 use any other euthanasia methods. Honestly, the new design is superior; absolutely nothing like the original. I have had a 100% success rate with it on the first fire and its just so darn easy to use. Great design, great product, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lisa L.



Just wanted to let you know I processed about 12 rabbits  today with The Zinger. What a FANTASTIC tool!! What is most  impressive is the carcass quality - so much cleaner than when rabbits are dispatched using a club.

Thanks again for creating this tool -  such a Godsend!

Bolsas Hobos y al Hombro

Sandy Welcker, Community Club Leader

Tierra Rejada 4-H

Simi Valley, CA


So I woke up this morning thinking 揌oly poo poo, I'm not sure if I can do this? My last experience slaughtering a rabbit had been such a downer (sick orange rex), and my stomach was kind of turning at the thought of doing that again twice in one morning. However, I pulled myself together, and the slaughters went absolutely perfectly. The rabbits were alive, then they were dead - the rabbit wringer is such an awesome device, I can't recommend it enough to wimps like me who are worried  about being able to slaughter animals completely humanely with very little chance for error. I am now very confident about using the rabbit wringer. It really is an awesome (and simple!) piece of design, and makes the whole process very straightforward. Something I didn't anticipate



I bought The Rabbit Zinger Stun Gun about two months ago. I use it three times a week processing over 20 rabbits per week. The fact that you don't need any electricity is a big plus for me since I don't need to have any electric cords or hoses in my processing area. The grip handle and the  trigger are placed in a way that allows for an easy operation of the device. I might be ordering some more in the near future depending on  my business growth. Great Tool!


Marco A. Gonzalez

Texas Rabbit Ranch


I've been using the rabbit wringer for about 6 months now and have a 100% success rate with it. It took me a few times to get it right, but once I did, I never had a single problem with it. I use it on 8 week old  fryers and on 4 year old 15 pound retired breeders all with the same result.

The key is in the position of the rabbits head and pulling perpendicular, not straight back toward the closed end. I've had many lengthy conversations with the the owner and once I fully understood the correct technique, and implemented them, my results were repeatable and effective every time. The owner is an unusual find - he is honest and will spend whatever time it takes to walk you through the process. He is about the most honest and helpful business man I抳e ever dealt with.

If done correctly, from the time you pick the rabbit up, insert its head and pull the hind quarters to cause the dislocation - its about 5 seconds. Literally, nothing more. Watch the videos on the web page, its real time. This is FAR quicker than the time it takes to broomstick a rabbit, which can take 30 seconds or more.

Again, once you master the technique of the wringer, its quick, its painless, and the rabbit does not have time to be frightened and its effective. It takes much longer to broomstick than use the wringer and since a broomstick is not a fixed device, it can be unpredictable in its results.

I also purchased the original rabbit zinger stun gun. I talked with the owner about some difficulties I was having with it and he worked with me on correcting my technique, but I still couldn't get it right. As a result, he took my concerns and  completely redesigned the gun and sent me the replacement with the new design free of charge. The new design corrects all the issues I had with that. How many business men do you know that would do that? I used the gun last night for the first time. It worked great. A perfect shot each time and immediate death. It was easy to use and much better than the  prior design.

I  have never met the owner, and know him only by the technical support he has offered and get no perks for supporting his product, in the case of the wringer, which has NO variables that can "go wrong" other than user error, its a great product with perfect results if used correctly.

Lisa L.


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